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Kidney Friendly Infused Water
Article posted in: Kidney Health, Renal Diet Tips

Infused water & its health benefits & Kidney wellness

Are you sick of plain old boring water? We know that we are! Fortunately, we have Jen Hernandez, Registed Dietician and Renal Nutritionist is here to help! In order to do this, she discusses her favorite kidney friendly infused water.  

Kidney Firendly Infused Water Recipes

First, throw a few leaves of basil and a sliced strawberry (or two) into a water infusor and let sit. After several hours, the drink should be good to go. Naturally, the longer it sits, the more flavor you’ll get! 

Pro Tip: With this in mind, be sure to slap your basil gently. Immediatly after the flavor and scent will be released. 

First, cut your orange in slices. Then add 1 or 2 to your water along with some blueberries. Despite being high-potassium, the tiny amount in an orange slice is usually okay. 

Fact From Jen: For the most part, the vitamin C in this drink may help the body absorb iron. 

Finally, try this easy and refreshing drink. Drop in a few cucumber slices and two twisted stalks of lemon grass. Then, allow it to sit and drink up! 

Shopping Tip: If you are unfamiliar with lemongrass, be sure to purchase the prepared version and not the full plant. In other words, packaged lemongrass will be much easier to work with. 

Your Turn!

Do you have a favorite kidney-friendly infusion that you’d like to share with us? Reply in the comments or share your recipe with us on Facebook! Don’t forget to use #RenadylStrong to catch our attention!