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Drinking Water With Kidney Problems
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Drinking water with kidney problems can be tricky. It is, unfortunately, easy to drink too much or too little. That’s Jen Hernandez, Registered Dietician and Board-certified renal dietician, is here with her top 3 tips.

Know How Much Water You Need

Every single person, regardless of kidney problems, has a different fluid requirement. Why? Because we are all unique! An excellent place to start is taking your weight (in pounds) and dividing it in half. That number becomes your estimated daily estimated fluid requirement in ounces. 

Ask Your Healthcare Professional About Fluid Restriction

Some people with kidney problems, specifically those in the later stages, may need to restrict their fluid intake due to a possible fluid imbalance. Your healthcare provider and your renal dietician will explain any necessary restrictions.

Drink Water

Teas, coffee, soda ect… They may taste great but they probably aren’t the best fluid source. Water comes without additional sugar, fat, phosphorus, or potassium

The Take Away

Always speak with a qualified healthcare professional regarding drinking water with kidney problems.