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World Kidney Month 2019: No Kidding to Kidneys
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Kibow - World Kidney Month March 2019

World Kidney Month is here. But will we again celebrate by exchanging tweets and texts! But this year let’s not just shelve it! 

Kidneys are perhaps the most vital organs of the human body. Most of the filtering process is done by the Kidneys. Kidneys are responsible for filtering out unwanted body waste, managing the concentration of fluids in the body. They remove harmful toxins from our body. But that is not all! The Kidneys even contribute to other functionalities such as the formation of Red Blood Cells which are important for the circulation of Oxygen in the body. From the above points, we can conclude that Kidneys indeed are one of the important organs of our body, they need good care. But just stating the importance will not yield any good benefits for us. Many illnesses that are plaguing the people are believed to be responsible for deteriorating Kidney health.

According to a Kidney Report from “”, somewhere between 8 and 10 % are struck with serious Kidney Illness. Millions of Americans die because if unchecked Kidney Illness and the statistics are not getting any better in the near future. Serious Kidney issues dampen the performance of Kidneys by damaging Nephrons. Nephrons are the tiny filters in Kidneys that are responsible for the filtering action. Serious Kidney issues weaken and destroy these Nephrons, a lesser number of Nephrons marks the beginning of the deterioration of Kidneys. Other important aspects of Serious Kidney issues are:

It cannot be easily detected in earlier stages.

Often associated with a degradation of the immune system and causes all sorts of terrible fluid imbalances in the body fueling different types of illnesses such as Heart disease, kidney stone formation and so on.

At the End Stage Renal Failure, the Kidneys lose their filtering functions and fail to filter any amount of body waste. As a result, regular dialysis takes on the role of waste filer over Kidneys which is quite bad. And, Premature death. According to ‘’’’, A person having serious Kidney Illness is more than likely to have a premature death compared to a person who does not have it.

Now, as we have discussed all the negative impacts of Serious Kidney Issues and to the overall health of the human body let us see what we can do to detect at early stages and at best, eliminate it.

Always ensure that you have a fiber-rich diet, avoid oily foods as much as possible, oily foods contain a good amount of phosphorous which is not good for your Kidneys.

  • Exercise more often, exercising increases your immunity as a whole and keeps the digestive system healthy.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol, both are known for having bad effects on Kidneys.
  • Constantly check your sugar levels, uncontrolled blood glucose can increase complications associated with Serious Kidney Illness.
  • Drink plenty of water, not only it is beneficial for the fluid balance for the whole body but it also strengthens the Kidney filtering functions.
  • Have a healthy weight! Obesity is linked Serious Kidney Illness as it fuels the growth of unwanted minerals and disrupts the mineral balance, this can impact the health of Kidneys by damaging Nephrons, the healthy weight keeps a check on Serious Kidney Illness and thus on Kidneys.
  • The most important thing is to have a weekly or planned checkup for symptoms or detection of Serious Kidney Illness, as we all know prevention is best.

In conclusion, a lot has been stressed about the importance of Kidneys and their health but it would all be wasted if necessary precautions are not taken. Keeping a regular check on your Kidney health is perhaps the best gift you can give to you this World Kidney Month.