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Adding Fiber to Your Diet
Article posted in: Gut Health

Adding fiber to your diet.

If you’re living with kidney problems, chances are, you’re not consuming enough fiber. The renal diet may make it difficult for you to monitor your fiber intake due to food limitations, but adding a prebiotic to your diet may be an easy solution to this issue.

Why is fiber so important?

Fiber is important for everyone because of its positive impact on the gut microbiome. Adding fiber to your diet may help reduce inflammation and the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. (1) Together, Renadyl™ and Kibow Fortis® create a “synbiotic” combination like no other. Synbiotics promote the growth of essential probiotic bacteria within the gut microbiome. Prebiotics and Probiotics (synbiotics) work together to make your gut microbiome flourish. On top of maintaining gut health, taking a prebiotic with your probiotic helps the probiotic work better. The prebiotic is used as an energy source for the probiotic. Here are a few reasons why you should be taking Kibow Fortis® with Renadyl™:

1. 95% of Americans aren’t consuming enough fiber, which is especially important for a kidney patient

According to one of the largest providers of dialysis in the nation, DaVita, consuming the recommended amount of fiber for people living with kidney problems can be beneficial in several ways. It may help with:

  • Controlling blood sugar & cholesterol
  • Promoting regular bowel movements
  • Preventing constipation by adding bulk to stool
  • Adding water to stool for easier bowel movements (2)

For patients living with kidney illness, increasing your fiber intake may also help decrease inflammation. (3) Chronic inflammation can often lead to weight gain and higher blood sugar levels. (1)

2. Renadyl™ promotes a healthy kidney while Kibow Fortis® promotes a healthy heart*

As thousands of people across the globe know, the three highly studied and well-documented probiotic strains found only in Renadyl™ metabolize uremic and nitrogenous waste in the colon as nutrients for probiotic growth. After they metabolize the uremic toxins, the microbes multiply and move these toxins into the bowel. From there, the probiotics help remove these toxins as solid waste, taking some of the burden off of the remaining kidney function.*

But, Nephrologists have also noted that the addition of Kibow Fortis®, a prebiotic (i.e., a fiber product), comprised of 7-Functional soluble and insoluble fibers, yielded even better results! The soluble fibers in Kibow Fortis® are metabolized into Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) in the colon. SCFAs have cholesterol-reducing properties among other health benefits including a decrease in inflammation, a decrease in the growth of bad bacteria, and appetite control. Insoluble fibers promote the movement of materials through the digestive system and increase stool bulk.

The carefully selected mix of fibers in Kibow Fortis® has Lactogenic/Bifidogenic properties, which promote the growth of “good” bacteria. The prebiotic fiber formula in Kibow Fortis® has been tested and scientifically proven to help aid the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut microbiome.

3. In conjunction with Renadyl™, Kibow Fortis® may help aid digestion*

Those with kidney problems often also experience impaired digestive functions. This is where Kibow Fortis® comes into play. Consuming Kibow Fortis® allows Renadyl™ to do its job better. As probiotics multiply, they consume more nitrogenous waste which helps effectively maintain healthy kidney function.* Kibow Fortis® helps aid digestion so the nitrogenous metabolites that Renadyl™ utilizes can be removed as solid waste.*

Remember, every world-class probiotic needs a world-class prebiotic!

Consult with your healthcare provider to see if Renadyl™ and Kibow Fortis® are right for you.

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By Bridget Bagnell: Bridget Bagnell is a Marketing Associate at Kibow® Biotech Inc, the makers of Renadyl™. Bridget is a writer for The Hope and also for the official Renadyl™ blog. Aside from writing, she also works with Kibow Flora™ & Kibow Fortis® (pre and probiotic dietary supplements). She is a West Chester University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. In her free time, Bridget enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends. Bridget can be contacted at


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