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Seasonal Foods for Kidney Health
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We welcome back Board-Registered Renal Dietician, Jen Hernandez. This time, to teach us how to shop foods for kidney health, locally. Why? Shopping for kidney-friendly fruits and vegetables in season is healthy and easier on your wallet!

Shop Local! 

Shopping for produce grown in your area is a great way to save money: Without shipping and packaging costs, farmers can offer lower prices and still make a profit. You’ll be able to afford even more great foods for kidney health!

It supports local businesses: Many of us have tried to make an effort to shop locally to help support business in the area. Keeping these people in business usually has a beneficial effect on the neighborhood either by providing jobs or bringing in tourism/ new community members. 

It’s good for the environment: Shopping locally cuts down in transportation, helping lower overall emissions in the food industry. Many of these farmers also use sustainable practices and less, if any, chemicals.* 

So, go ahead and visit a local farmers market or an independent grocery store that sources the majority of their products locally. Your kidneys will thank you.

Shop the Seasonal Sales

There are a whole lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables being sold, which brings the price down. If the product is demand is lower than the product yield, sales will be used to get the product out before it spoils and costs the store or individual more money than they’d lose from a sale. 


Research Season Foods

If you aren’t sure what’s in season, check out It’s a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to seasonal foods in the United States.

Are Fruits and Vegetables Okay if I have Kidney Problems?

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Speak with your healthcare provider and renal dietitian regarding how much potassium, protein, and phosphorus you should consume daily. From there, you will be able to choose the best fruits and vegetables for your kidney health

*A quick note about farmer’s markets; like in any profession, there may be frauds at play. Before purchasing from a vendor, get to know them, and ask them questions. Many will even invite you on a tour of the farm if you ask. If they’re being shady or dodging questions, it’s best to look at another vendor. Be sure to speak with other shoppers and get their opinions. You’re sure to find 1 or 2 that purchase frequently. Who knows, you might even make a new friend in the processes.