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How to Read Food Labels for Kidney Health
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Peering in the pantry

Reading a food label doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming! Our guest, Registered Dietitian and Board-Certified Renal Nutritionist, Jen Hernandez, is here to show us how to read food labels for kidney health.

A healthy diet is crucial for people that need to be mindful of their kidney health. When the kidneys stop working, they can’t effectively remove toxins, excess water, and unneeded vitamins/minerals from the bloodstream. (1)

Only your healthcare practitioner or renal dietitian can create a tailored diet plan for your kidney health. But, learning how to read food labels for kidney health is still a crucial part of managing overall health and a skill anyone can learn!

Food Labels for Kidney Health

If you want to learn more about Jen and schedule a free consultation, visit her website Jen Hernandez RD.

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